Leopard "&"... ♪

(( Outfit details...Knit TOPSHOP / Skirt SACRED HEART WARRIOS (Brand of Japan) / Socks ? / Shoes Rakuten (Brand of Japan) / Bag ZARA / Sunglasses SACRED HEART WARRIORS (Brand of Japan) / Necklace FOREVER21 / Bracelet FOREVER21 / Ring all FOREVER21 / ))

I was climate warm at a good weather, I was very well today ♥
A solar light poured into the neighboring park a lot, and scenery was very beautiful...
and, fallen leaves had been falling on the way in large numbers for some time. It was the scenery very appropriate for autumn.

I wore today the leopard skirt of the brand "SACRED HEART WARRIORS ( http://www.sacredheartwarriors.jp/index.html ) " which is carrying out the brand model.
this leopard skirt has a good material. "SACRED HEART WARRIORS" is a brand of Japan. The clothes using a good material are put on the market from the brand. (Being unable to buy it from overseas I'm sorry.)
I like wearing the dress using a good material. That is because it lasts long.


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