Cute Summer 2010 Hair Trends for Women

The best thing about Short hairstyles is that they are not only for those who are blessed with perfect proportioned features and oval face shape. By choosing the right short hair style, you can sport that trendy sexy look which will become an eye-catcher wherever you go. It is a fact that not all women can wear all types of but all of them can choose a perfect short hair style of their choice as per their features and face shape from the 2010 stylish haircuts given below.

Top Summer 2010 Hair Trends for Women
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Winter 2011 Hair Trends for Women

Winter can truly wreck havoc on your strands but that doesn’t mean your hair still can’t look chic while it’s still being protected. The hottest styles for this winter season allow your hair to be up and protected while still turning heads. Sleek buns and ponytails were all the rage at along with Pompadours and chignons.

Winter 2011 Hairstyles Trends for Girls
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The 21st Century is Kind of Awesome

This was supposed to go into the author's note for the latest chapter of The Prince and Me but then it began to feel like it's going to get longer than the fic itself.  

The name of the chapter (The 21st Century is Kind of Awesome) is basically the summary of a Twilight fanfic that is currently on my favourite list (yes, I do have Twilight fics in my fav list, and often they are better than the books). That fic, called going nowhere, going somewhere by Estora revolves around an Edward who actually has a personality. This fic has very little to do with the chapter of my fic, but I liked the phrase hehe.

First of all, I have to say the chapter The 21st Century is Kind of Awesome is partly a result of my attempt at Nanowrimo this year (which I failed spectacularly, all efforts considered). Part of Nano includes a lot of procrastination time whereby I dig up all these character building quizzes. You now, quizzes that have you pretend to be your character and answer questions about each and every one of their likes and dislike. 

And so The 21st Century is Kind of Awesome is a sort of an exploration of some of Xiao Yan's (and to a certain extent, Yong Qi's) likes and dislikes, but then somehow goes into a sort of reflection of my own rather odd love affair with Zhao Wei. 

On the subject of some of Yong Qi's likes, in reality, Tottenham Hotspurs are not doing so badly in the Premier League as I imply in the chapter. Not that I actually follow Premier League football.

In case you did not recognise the movie that Xiao Yan and Yong Qi went to see in this chapter, it is, of course, A Time to Love, starring Zhao Wei and Lu Yi.

I just wanted to share the whole idea behind the scene where Xiao Yan and Yong Qi went to the hotpot restaurant, which on the surface seems like a pretty useless scene. Well, it is pretty useless, but it's 100% based on my experience at Hai Di Lao Hotpot. 

Bei Wa Lu is a real street in Beijing (at least, I think I remembered it right), where near there is a real Hai Di Lao Hotpot restaurant. I ate there when I was recently (read, a month ago) in Beijing and I swear, it was one of the best service experiences of my life, if not the best. In Vietnamese we have a saying, "The customer is the emperor" and boy, did I feel like an emperor there. 

My friend and I didn’t actually have to wait for a table when we went there, but there was a waiting area that looked pretty cool and I have heard you do actually get a manicure and a shoe shine as you wait. 

Regarding the bathroom of this restaurant, it might seem strange for me to gush about a bathroom. But I swear everything I described in that scene in the fic is true. Except that, unlike Xiao Yan, I couldn't ask a waiter for direction to the bathroom from my table (because I speak no Chinese), it took me several near wrong turns to get to the bathroom. Yes, there were signs but still it was like a maze. I nearly got lost getting back to the table, which of course has no sign to direct me. But the bathroom was pretty awesome, especially compared to normal Beijing public toilets, but I won't go into that. 

Of course, whether this restaurant existed in 2005 when The Prince and Me was set, I don't know and if it did, whether it looked like it does now in 2010 is debatable. And for all my awe about this restaurant, I was disappointed when I got home and realised I had taken no photo of it. I think my friend and I were too busy eating. 

By the way, while I'm on the topic of my trip to Beijing, I have to say I did pass Gong Zhu Fen or the place that inspired HZGG. Well, it's a subway station.'s pretty unepic. But I did get a photo of the sign that said Gong Zhu Fen.

My friend and I were planning to go to the set where they shot HZGG but that plan fell through the roof. That place is supposed to be quite a way outside the city so we were actually ready to spend a whole day to get there and back. Unfortunately the day before we planned to go, we decided to go to the Ba Da Ling Great Wall near the Olympic One World One Dream sign. On a Sunday in the Chinese National Day weekend. 

Well, needless to say, the combination of the destination and the date made traffic...a nightmare. We left the house at 7am and got the Great Wall at 12 noon. Yeah, I spent 5 hours standing squished on a bus. Anyway, we knew that to go to the place where they shot HZGG, we'd have to pretty much make that same bus trip, only go for even longer. After that bus trip from hell, not even the prospect of seeing Shu Fang Zhai (if it's still there, which is doubtful) could draw two massive HZGG fans to get on that bus again. 

And I actually had hoped to see Jing Yang Gong when I visited the Palace Museum. That didn't happen either. Again, it was Chinese National Day holidays, so the Palace Museum was packed. I don't think it would be even that packed when people actually lived there. So basically by the time we made it from the Imperial Garden out to Qian Qing Gong, we were basically too eager to get out of the crowd (by that time, all we could actually see was people and practically nothing else.) to even want to go find Jing Yang Gong which was somewhere off to the sides. We didn't even bother to fight our way in to see Tai Hua Dian which is arguably one of the main attractions of the place. 

 View from Wu Men

Boy, after visiting the Palace Museum, did I feel for Xiao Yan Zi. Now I totally understand why she needed the Easy Kneeling. And now I also so understand why getting in was hard, getting out of the palace was even harder.   

We sat on the steps of Yang Xin Dian, eating ice cream. I'm pretty sure Qian Long would have loved us for it if he ever knew. Then again, I'm pretty sure if ice cream existed in China in those days, Xiao Yan Zi would not be above eating it while sitting on the steps of Yang Xin Dian either.

No, I didn't make it to Heng Dian Studios in Zhejiang to check out the set of the New HZGG. But that's probably for the best. Though speaking of New HZGG, walking around the market, or the Palace Museum, or the Great Wall, there were a lot of stalls selling the Manchurian princess hats as souvenir or toys. Please tell me this is normal in Beijing regardless of the new HZGG being made. But even then, I suspect these princess hats are a result of the New HZGG since along with Manchurian princess hats, there were exact replica of the new Sai Ya's (Tibetan princess) hat as shown in released stills of HZGG. Well, looks like the drama isn't even out yet and it's already making money. 

Panda Ge ge
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Choosing Long Bob Hairstyles

When it comes to the bob hairstyle, there is one bob which has been the most popular type of traditional bob hairstyle. Through the use of the long bob hairstyle, one length is used throughout the entire head of hair. This long hairstyle can be worn with, or without bangs and is usually worn without layers. The typical length which is chosen for a long bob includes the length of hair below the shoulders, or at the shoulders. This can help to distinguish the style and distinguish the bob style which has been created within the hairstyle.
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Best Hairstyle Gallery

Let us start with what is Hairstyle or Haircut? Hairstyle means styling your head hair in a particular way. We are different from animals. We don’t allow our hair to grow forever. We have haircut occasionally to suit our individual styles. Haircuts are often a showcase of strong style for an individual. Latest hairstyles often change with time. Hairstyles depend on the trends in the fashion industry. It is common feel that people look good and feel important. Hair is a part of the overall grooming of an individual. Read this blog for more tips for mohawk hairstyle,sedu hairstyle tips and curly hairstyle tips
Here is picture of the mohawk or Mohican hairstyle.

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celebrity red carpet hair style for 2008

Celebrities are in the spotlight nearly every day of their lives. It is up to them to set the trends of clothing, jewelry and hair in 2008. It seems that the celebs have spoken and the number one most chosen hairstyle for fine dress occasions in 2008 is going to be the pull back.
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Bridal Hairstyles for Women – Formal Hairstyles


Wedding Hairstyles have to be the best viewed wedding hair styles as bride is the center of care. The first important step to getting important bridesmaids hairstyles is to reserve as simple as possible. Too many extentions, too big of curls, too many attachment tend to make your bridesmaid hairstyles standout too much.
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Typical Hair Coloring Mistakes

Typical Hair Coloring Mistakes

Many people these days are on a tight budget due to the economy. Instead of running down to the hair salon for a full color, they are doing it themselves. If you are thinking about coloring your own hair, take a look at these common mistakes. Knowing these mistakes will enable you to do a proper dye job!

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Celebrity Short Hairstyle

Celebrity short hairstyle for men

Men can opt for celebrity hairstyle for boosting up their personality quotient. Chipping and razor cutting are the two popular hair cutting techniques that are applied for giving sexy short celebrity hairstyle to men. The short hairstyle can include top heavy looks, uniform cut and short crops.

Short and Wavy

Anton Yelchin

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Looking Younger with New Hairstyles for 2011

Looking Younger with New Hairstyles for 2011

One thing as you get older is that you don’t seem to want to take much time fussing with your hair. But if it is really dull and lank, you might consider getting a really good professional hair treatment. Then get it cut and reshaped. A short layered cut will make it appear that you have more hair.

Keira Knightley With a Brand New Hairstyle

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How To Create Your Own Style - 2009, 2010 Hair tips

How To Create Your Own Style - 2009, 2010 Hair tips

When it comes to hair and style there are so many variations to choose from. If you are tired of your old hairstyle, why not create your very own? You do not have to be a stylist in order to create your very own hairstyle. Your style and cut all depends on the type of person you are and what you like. Find out how you can easily create a style that you will be happy with for years.

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New Hairstyles for the Holidays 2011

New Hairstyles for the Holidays 2011

Fall is not too early to get a new hairstyle for the holidays. If you plan to completely redo you hairstyle then it may take a few months for your hair to grow into the new shape. If you have longer hair and are thinking about getting a shorter cut like a shoulder length cut you should talk to your hairstylist and get their feedback.

Brand New Hairstyle for the Holidays

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Interesting Hair Facts

Interesting Hair Facts - Summer 2009 Hair Tips Edition

Did you know that each person’s head will hold around 150,000 hairs? Now there is no longer any need to panic when you lose a few hairs in your hairbrush right? If you want to know some of the most interesting facts about your hair, read on!

Interesting Hair Facts

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Glorious Colors and Great Hairstyles 2011

Glorious Colors and Great Hairstyles 2011

There are different types of products that get color in your hair. Some colors are put on and then you sit under a dryer for the product to do its color work. This type of color will not last as long as the kind that is applied after the hair has been stripped of most or all of its color which is a process that takes longer. The faster process of almost instant color will only attach itself to the follicle it will not actually enter it. This color may only last for a few washings.

2011 Cool Hair Color

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What Shape is Your Face?

What Shape Your Face is?

If you are currently wondering what shape your face is so that you can better determine the type of hair cut that you can get away with then help is at hand. It is important to understand the shape of your face so that you can better wear certain hairstyles and also make sure that you look great at all times.

Do you have face for Long Hair?

Kristin Davis

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Successful Hair Straightening Tips

Successful Hair Straightening Tips - Summer 2009

When it comes to straightening your hair using straightening irons, it pays to know how to do it properly to ensure that you are not inflicting undue suffering n your hair and also that you are not drying it out.

Hair Straightening Tips

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Massage Your Head and Have Better Hair

Massage Your Head and Have Better Hair

Massaging the head is a great way to get the hair in better looking and better feeling condition but it is a part of the hair care regime that is very often left out. How many times do you really massage the shampoo well into your hair when you are washing it? It is that extra few seconds spent lovingly massaging your hair that can make the world of difference.

Tina Lau / PR Photos

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How to Trim your Own Hair

How to Trim your Own Hair

Believe it or not, there are ways to save money and trim your own hair. Many people tend to shy away from cutting their own hair. The fact of the matter is you just need the right tools and the right tips to help you along. Here are some excellent tips that will help you get started!

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What Can Stress Do To Your Hair

What Can Stress Do To Your Hair?

These days’ times can be tough and everyone seems to be running around. Most of us work 2 or 3 jobs just to support our families. If you have to deal with a lot of stress within your daily life, you may be taking a toll on your hair. Here is what stress can actually do to your hair if you do not take care of it.

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Foods That Make Your Hair Grow

Foods That Make Your Hair Grow!

People these days are always on the lookout for a remedy to make their hair grow longer. Everyone loves to have a long beautiful head of hair. If you are looking for ways to make your hair grow a bit longer, take a look at these various foods! These foods have been proven to make hair grow longer!

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How To Treat Greasy Hair

How To Treat Greasy Hair

Having greasy hair can be somewhat of a menace. If you have had greasy hair for years, why not get rid of it today? There are plenty of ways that will help to get rid of the grease and get that shine back. Greasy hair is not something that you should have to deal with for years. Use this great guide to give you everything that you need to get started!

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Make Hair Bows

How to Make Hair Bows

Hair bows look extremely nice and great on little girls and toddlers. You can easily make the bows at home. All you need are some simple instructions and some great ribbon material, needle, matching color thread for ribbon, scissors and plastic barrette and you are done.

Hair Bows for Girl

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Moisturizing Dry Hair Tips 2011

Moisturizing Dry Hair Tips 2011

Nothing can be so annoying as stepping into your office with dry hair all over your face. Shampooing of hair can cause dryness, so does blowing it dry. Exposure to the sun is one more thing that causes damage.

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Hair Extensions Tips

Hair Extensions Tips 2009

With everyone and their Auntie’s following the new short hairstyles that have been set by the likes of Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes and Rihanna, so many of us have been literally falling over ourselves to get to the hairdressers to recreate the popular looks. It has also had many of us realizing why we liked our long hair in the first place and has lead the way for the increase of interest in hair extensions.

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Hair Tips: Using Hair Extensions

Hair Tips: Using Hair Extensions

If you want to have a glamorous look, which you always wanted to have, and are one of those people who like to change their style with changing trends, go for hair extension. It is a great option to have the most stylish, healthy and natural looking hair.

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How to Detangle Hair?

Would you like to detangle your hair? - Summer 2009 Tips

When it comes to hair, it is such a mess when it gets in tangles. With that said, you are going to find many different methods to preventing those annoying hair tangles. Hair tangles occur in young kids and everyone else. Once you hair gets all tangled, you should not panic and start to pull at it.


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Proper Hair Care For Extension Hair

Proper Hair Care For Extension Hair

There are many benefits that come along with having hair extensions. For one thing, you are going to be able to do a lot more with your new long hair. What most people fail to remember is the amount of hair care that should go into hair extensions. If you are thinking about getting yourself some hair extensions, take a look here and find out what you need to do in order to keep them healthy.

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How to Choose the Perfect Hairstyle

How to choose the Perfect Hairstyle

How to choose the Perfect Hairstyle depends on your face, style, hair texture, hair density, and so forth. If you are looking for a new look, you may want to check out some images on the Internet to see How to choose the Perfect Hairstyle. If you have long, straight hair and looking for some bounce, you may want to consider the soft and feminine look.

Perfect Hairstyle

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Hair Ideas for Girls

Hair Ideas for Girls

Girls are been exposed to a variety of things with the advent of internet and TV. Even young girls want to dress up just like the Hollywood stars. While some of the hairstyles can be easily copied, it must be remembered that too many styling products used for the girls can actually destroy their hair.

Gorgeous Girl With Long Hair

Long Hairstyle

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Modern Hairstyles for Girls

Modern Hairstyles for Girls - Winter 2008-2009

Hairstyle trends are generally reflected and influenced by the modern hairstyles worn by movie and television stars, fashion models, and other celebrities. Modern hairstyles for girls have been mostly set by many movie stars like Jennifer Aniston who pioneered the sedu hairstyle.

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Oval Face Hairstyles

Oval Face Hairstyles

Oval face hairstyles can alter the way you look. If you have an oval face, and the width of your face is approximately the same as the length, you may want to test a few different oval face hairstyles to find what you like. When you have a narrower jaw and your cheekbones you have that perfect shape. In fact, many of your fashion models have this shape of face.

Oval Face Hair

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The Right Hairstyles for a Triangular Face

The Right Hairstyles for a Triangular Face - 2009 Summer Tips

If you have a rather dominant and pronounced jaw line and a petite forehead then like some celebrities such as Kathy Ireland, you have a triangular face. There are many hairstyles that will make this face shape look adorable but then there are some that will broaden your jaw and this perhaps not the look that you should be aiming for.

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Looking for an Easy New Hairstyle?

Looking for an Easy New Hairstyle?

If you are looking for a way to spice up your hair style and to try a new fashionable style without resorting to the Victoria Beckham pixie look then there are many things that you can do. A new style is not always limited to a radical new hair cut and can depend very much on other things as well.

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Braiding Hairstyles Summer 2009

Braiding Hairstyles Summer 2009 Tips

You can beautify yourself by putting a number of different braided styles into your hair. Braiding hairstyles have been around for many years now and they will continue to linger around. An individual that has a mind that is creative and artistic will be able to come up with a number of different stylish braids that will be sure to capture ones attention. There is no denying that braids will be giving you a look that is fabulous. The braids will be encouraging hair growth and they are also a good way to cover up the hair thinning process.

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Blondes going Brunette

Blondes going brunette to be taken seriously

In a recent poll in the UK, it was stated that so many of the blonde workers within the work place are now dying their hair darker colors such as black or brown in a bid to be taken seriously, a result that has had so many of the blondes in the world protesting with fury!



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Popular Hairstyles - Fall 2008

Popular Hairstyles - Fall 2008

Various styles are seen this season amongst the girls. A bob with layers on top or a concave bob with colored fringes or a shaggy cut, all look fashionable and trendy. Become a pacesetter by creating exceptional funky hairstyles. The categorized layers with a lot of volume at the crown and highlights at the edges will give a glimpse of a modern and a confident woman. An inverted bob with pink or red dye gives a glam appearance.

Fall 2008 Hairstyle

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Fringe Bang Hairstyles

Fringe Bang Hairstyles

The fringe bang hairstyles can make a person look sexy. The trendy and clever twists are in now, and these are some of the sexiest fringe bang hairstyles. This is one of the quickest hairdos that are easy to manage. You can either wear your bangs short or long or out of your eyes but still have a clever twist.

Fringe Bangs

Fringe Bangs - Michelle Monaghan

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Curly Hairstyles for Girls

Curly Hairstyles for Girls

Girls with curly hair, who do not wish to have their hair straightened, have several great looking hairstyles to choose from. The secret is just to go for the one that would look great on your facial feature. Curls and ringlets can look very sexy and adorable if they glow with health.

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Bangs Are Back!

Bangs Are Back!
Whether you like them or not, bangs are back this fall. Mena Suvari and Nelly Furtado have been sporting their new look. A number of celebrities have been spotted sporting fun with their flirty bangs and if you have been looking for bangs for yourself, it is a great idea to visit your hair stylist and ask for a few celebrity photograph for inspiration. The main difference is that the bangs of this year have been slightly curved which means that they do not get stuck with your forehead.


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Curly Hair Trends 2009

Curly Hair Trends 2009

Some people tend to think that having curly hair is a bit of an annoyance. What they do not realize is how popular curly hair actually is these days. There are many trends for curly hair that have been emerging through the year 2009. Find out how you can spruce up your already curly hair and follow one of your favorite curly hair trends of 2009!

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Curly Hairstyles for Summer

Curly Hairstyles for Summer

Summer is a time for fun. Curly hairstyles are great for summer because they are always fun, cute, and romantic. You don’t have to straighten your hair to look great in the summertime. As long as you take proper care of your hair where humidity and heat are concerned, your hair will look wonderful.

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