The border of Red × beige

(( Outfit details...Coat UNIQLO / Knit ZARA / Shorts TOPSHOP / Socks tutuanna* (Brand of Japan) / Shoes Jeffrey Campbell / Bag OZOC (Brand of Japan) / Suglasses SLY (Brand of Japan) / ))

Hi, It is been a long time.
How did you spend Christmas?
I spending together with the family.

This season is a very very severe winter. I have said "cold!!" every day. I want spring to come early!!!

I would like to wear the clothes of a pastel color, and dress with a flower pattern, when I become spring.

I think that I will overcome winter with a fur coat, or a muffler and a glove since Japan is very cold. :)

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Rock CAT ♥

- Photo by Ta2ya -

(( Outfit details...Jacket VERSACH for H&M / T-shirts monkey bite (Brand of Japan) / Pants TOPSHOP / Bag SLY (Brand of Japan) / Shoes Jeffrey Campbell / Cap ASOS / ))

The cameraman of a web magazine called "widget kobe ( " took this photograph.
this web magazine, snap of the foppish person of Kansai is published centering on Kobe.

I found the lovely knit cap by ASOS. ( )
This knit cap is warm, lovely, and amazing!! :)
I think that the combination of a leather's jacket and a parka is good. And I like the combination of a leather's jacket and a knit cap.
I will wear outfit which combined the leather jacket and the parka in the near future.

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ALEXIS magazine Vol.8

The magazine "ALEXIS" is a magazine of Singapore. This magazine is a new magazine.
2 pages of blogger special editions are in this magazine. The photograph of the fashion blogger who is playing an active part in various countries is published. I am proud of having been published as a representative of Japan. and very glad...
This is not the first time that my photograph was published this time. My photo was published from Vol.5 to Vol.8.
I am thankful to the editor of an ALEXIS magazine.

The fashion community in Singapore developed rapidly in recent years.
There are many creative designers in Singapore. Therefore, I am very much interested in the fashion community in Singapore.
I am observing the designer of South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China in Asia.
I would like to go to the fashion show of  those countries.

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The trad style of winter

(( Outfit details...Outer MiiA (Brand of Japan) / Knit UNIQLO / Shirts Shimamura (Brand of Japan) / Pants UNIQLO / Shoes ? / Bag ? / ))

Today was a warm day. Such warm days get warm even to my heart.

I wore outfit appropriate for autumn according to such a warm background.
I do not like wearing outer. Therefore, I like the season which does not wear outer. Especially I like autumn and spring.
But, this season is cold when outer is not worn, and it is I am frozen. So I have to study a fashion more.

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Collar item ♥

I like the item of a collar these days.
Although I do not like a round collar (Peter Pan), I like the sharp collar.
The item of a sharp collar is seldom sold at Japan, I buy it in an overseas net shop. I bought the item of the collar with ASOS.
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Trad style - bordeaux -

- Photo by Ta2ya -

(( Outfit details...Outer UNIQLO / Knit ROMWE / Shirts UNIQLO / Pants UNIQLO / Shoes ? / Bag ZARA / Sunglasses ASOS / Collar Gimlet (Brand of Japan) / ))

Today was very very cold....
I would like to hibernate like a bear between winter till spring. lol
Difficult to take a photograph outside in winter. Therefore, I think that I want spring to come early. I would like to see a cherry tree early.

This outfit challenged the trad style using the Bordeaux color.
I think that the Bordeaux color is a color of autumn. but I likes the Bordeaux color, I would like to use also in winter.

Do you like the Bordeaux color?

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Dot ♥

(( Outfit details...Outer SACRED HEART WARRIORS (Brand of Japan) / Shirts SPINNS ( Brand of Japan) / Pants UNIQLO / Shoes Jeffrey Campbell / Bag IENA / Sunglasses ASOS / Cap FOREVER21 / ))

I am sorry for not having updated a blog for a long time....
I was very busy. but, there is time now, a blog is updated rapidly!
I am glad if my blog is read with pleasure.

Today's the coldest until now. snowed at the place where today's Japan is various. ( In Osaka, rarely snows.)

The theme of this outfit is polka dots. ( outer, sunglasses, and a shirt.)
Respectively, It is the polka dots of a different color.
In view of the whole, outfit only using white and black.
A fashion will become fashionable if the color to be used is lessened.
My rule is used to at least five colors.

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Wis list / Fur coat, accessory


Aww so cute...I love this faux fur item.
I want the knit cap and fur hat to which the ear was attached.

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December will come soon.
very very cold in Japan in December. Therefore, I would like to wear a fur coat. ( I like and wear faux far coat. )
I have three faux far coat. It is a Brown, a white, and pattern of a carriage dog.

I have a rule when wearing a fur coat.
It is considering balance.
If a fur coat is worn, the body appears greatly. Therefore, I align skinny pants, leggings, or tights with a miniskirt. Then, I am considering that balance becomes good.

But, the picture of the very end of this report has united with the skirt which is not tight.
But, It is so cool! I do not regard it as balance being bad.
If there is also such stylishness, I will learn seeing various snap fashion.

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