Japan Fashion Week ―Johan Ku―

Johan Ku

2012 S/S Collection
The Two Faces

Innocent and Decadent
Floating and Dynamic
Day and Night

I was invited to the fashion show for the first time in the fashion week of the 13th time of holding in October. But, it was invited and saw nearby for the first time in front show.
Fortunately I was able to feel the passion of the fashion at a short distance. I looked at the fashion show and I took to the fashion more. I have passion more once.

Johan Ku is a Chinese designer. His Shaw was very wonderful. When Shaw became pitch-black, the color of the hair ornament of a model, dress, and a nail became fluorescence. It was visionary and beautiful.

His Brand has an idea which loses the boundary of a fashion and an art. A dynamic expression which induces combination by a three-dimensional form like sculpture whose theme of Brando is, and textures peculiar to knitting is the feature.


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