I bought the new color lipstick in Chanel last week. Because why I had bought a new color approached soon by fall, I wanted the color that seemed to be fall.  The color of this lipstick is a color in the middle of red and the orange. This is a little thick color.

I like this lipstick really really!!!
I love CHANEL❤

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The this coming fall pays attention to the snake. Especially, chloe announced snake's collection. I evaluate it.
I have not worn the snake up to now. I was not interested. But, I was impressed to have seen the collection of autumn of chole....

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Please take my photograph!! 私を撮って下さい!!

I am recruiting the cameraman of belonging exclusively that takes my photograph.
I am recruiting the person who goes to the photograph special school. And, the person who wants to become a photographer in the future is recruited. And, taking the photograph recruits a favorite person.

Is there a person who takes a picture of the fashion photo?And, is there a person who shares with nature and takes a picture?
Are you good at light, the sun, the forest, the grass, the flower, emptiness, and taking a picture together?

↑For instance, those photographs are examples. ↑

They all recruit only the woman.

And, only the person who lives in Kansai in Japan is recruiting it.

I introduce the photograph that you took without fail by my blog. I introduce you by my blog. Therefore, I think that I can advertise your work.

I want to adopt it for my exclusive cameraman when there is photographer whom I liked because I recruit it.

Please give mail to this address when it is interested in it.

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Dressy × casual

((Kimono gown H&M / Dress TOPSHOP / Bag IENA(Brand of Japan) / Socks Shimamura(Brand of Japan) / Boots Jeffrey Campbell / Necklace FOREVER21 / Ring ALL FOREVER21 / Bracelet Handmade /))

I went to the town of Sannomiya a little far from my house. The town of Sannomiya is a fashionable town. And, a lot of cafe shops are queuing up. I drank the juice in the cafe, and went to the Chinatown. As for the Chinatown in Sannomiya, it is famous and food is delicious. (I'm sorry for there is no photograph)
Outfit on this day put on the kimono dressing gown because it was a little chilly. And, because the height of the dress was short, it thought about the balance by putting on kneelength socks.

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Panorama of rape blossoms *

Because I had seen very very beautiful scenery, my mind was healed...
The building that is behind rape blossoms is a Osaka sky building.

It is very happy to take the photograph of the jump. It smiles naturally :)

Wow! The train is seen over yonder.

(Jacket TOPSHOP / Tanktop FOREVER21 / Skirt Rakuten (brand of Japan...) / Socks UNIQLO / Boots Jeffrey Campbell / Bag ZARA / Necklace FOREVER21 / Belt TOPSHOP / )

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Ten year old super model

Her name is Thylane Lena-Rose.

I am a model to think her to be promising in all top models.

She decorated the cover of magazine "VOUGUE" of France.

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My favorite fashion brand "TOPSHOP/TOPMAN" was opened in 5/4 for the first time in Osaka.

I took the photograph with Ms. Akane Sakado of the designer of the fashion brand of Japan named "SLY LANG".  

Love green tea.

I participated in the snap in which the fashion blogger in Japan gathered.

(Tops H&M / Skirt Rakuten(Japan brand) / Hat ? / Bag ? / Boots Jeffrey Campbell / Necklace Lagunamoon / Piece Handmade /)

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