Fake tattoo tights

(( Outfit details...Dress TOPSHOP / Short TOPSHOP / Shoes SLY (Brand of Japan) / Bag ZARA / Hat ? / Tights Celeste Stein Designs / Sunglasses KAWI JAMELE (Brand of Japan) / Necklace (Heart) Shop of Mexico / (Cross) LagunaMoon (Brand of Japan) / Bracelet Handmade / Ring FOREVER21 / ))

These tights were got from my friend last week. The brand name of these tights is "Celeste Stein Dsigns." It is an American print socks maker. My mother who looked at these tights said that it was like a tattoo. Therefore, I decided to call these tights fake tattoo tights.
Since the pattern of the red rose was in the handle of these tights, red Bag and shoes were worn. :)


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