There's no point to this post

Apparently the internet at work hates Blogspot because it won’t let me do anything.

Anyway, regardless of that last “I’m giving up” post, I managed to get out 5000 words on Sunday at Highlands in the two and a half hours that it took for me to wait for my sister to finish her English lesson at Apollo. Hmmm…maybe there is some merit to the idea of writing in coffee shops after all. I think right now I have about 15k. It's still way behind schedule, of course.

Highlands, Highlands. It’s one of those coffee shops that are ideal to write in, provided you don’t go to the ones in the middle of shopping centres like the one at Vincom, which is always crowded. But they have power points, internet (not always a good thing while you’re writing come to think of it), and they don’t give you dirty looks if you sit there for two hours with one drink.

But they kind of baffled me on Sunday. It was 10 am, you order a green apple tea, you’d think considering they just opened for a few hours, they’d still have it. But no, they have run out. You order a mocha, you’d think a coffee shop would have it at 10 in the morning. Uhm…no? Bizarre.  So I ended up with a cà phê sữa đá, which in Highlands costs about three times more than it’s worth. I’ really buying the brand here, aren’t I?


Headdesk moment of the week:

Why? Just, why???


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