I wonder if I can still blog in English?

I used to blog. That was back in...what, 2008? Yup, that sounds about right. I don't remember any proper blog entries that exist after uni first year, first semester Accounting exam. Which, for the record, was a disaster. But I l already told that story and you missed it.

Right now, I can't remember off the top of my head why I deleted that blog on Xanga. Could be a combination of things. Considering that blog spanned my last two years of high school and first year of uni, I suppose one good reason could be that I just got sick of myself complaining about IB and school in general. Venting was good. But venting about school exclusively on a blog bored both myself and people unfortunate enough to stumble on said blog.

Considering nowadays I blog (or write entries/diary) all over the place, including but not limited to Facebook notes, DAN, emails to myself, Word documents that eventually end up in the Trash, it suddenly felt like a good idea to have a blog again. Besides, Nano is coming up. This may come in useful as I attempt (or not) to win Nanowrimo again this year.

Will anyone read this? Probably not. Then again, what's new about that? It's not as if anyone ever looks at the Word documents I send to the Trash.

Nowadays, I write those entries mostly in Vietnamese. This is a slightly weird phenomenon because...well, for a variety of reasons. Being the TCK that I am, I think in English, at (most) times find myself expressing myself better in English, and don't consider myself to be as fluent as I should be in Vietnamese (both in writing and speaking). Yes, in case you are going to ask, I am born Vietnamese, live in Vietnam for a large portion of my life, but English schooling and nurture does do a lot to affect your language instincts.

I write 100k-word fanfictions in English but the idea of writing the same in Vietnamese is impossible. And yet lately, I blog in other places in Vietnamese. Well, they are not long entries by any means, but when I start typing, it's Vietnamese that comes out, slightly unconsciously. Is it just because I was posting these entries on a Vietnamese forum? Perhaps.

Whatever the reason, I miss blogging in English.

And here's another sign that I should probably start blogging again. I've been IMing too much, because as I'm writing all this, I find myself missing Yahoo emoticons. I should be able to express myself without them, darn it!


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